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Coaching & Business Mentoring for Executives

who truly desire to transform & succeed

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Discover the transformative influence of working with Bernadette,  a seasoned executive coach and business mentor. She will give you proven business development and leadership tools and strategies that will swiftly accelerate your progress, enabling you to achieve - in a fraction of the time - what might otherwise take years to accomplish independently.

It's your genuine "shortcut" to success. 

want to find out more?

Let's share a free 20 minute, no obligation call, to explore how I can help empower you to achieve the success and fulfilment that you envision for your future.


“ Bernadette is one of the most inspiring and insightful coaches we've ever had. She has been a valuable and rewarding asset to us.

I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an intuitive, caring and masterful coach.”

Mark Taylor   |  Chief Executive Officer

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Bernadette is not just a mentor; she is an inspiration. Her genuine desire to see others succeed is palpable, and she consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that happens.
With her keen insight and intuitive understanding, she knows just the right thing to say at the right moment, offering perspectives that challenge and inspire growth.

I am immensely grateful to have Bernadette in my corner. The wisdom she imparts is not just insightful; it's truly inspirational. She has been a guiding light on my journey, and I have no doubt that she will continue to be a beacon of support and wisdom for anyone fortunate enough to cross paths with her. Bernadette is a true asset, and her course is a treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration for anyone striving to reach their

fullest potential.

Fiona Aspromonte   |  managing director



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