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Bernadette offers a wide range of services and packages, with prices starting from USD $125.

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executive Coaching for lawyers
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Executive coaching that builds outstanding performances and enables you to deliver the highest results for your organisation and most importantly for yourself. These services enable you to create smooth, holistic and lasting changes that bring you the success and fulfilment you seek in your career and life ahead.

“ A great way to describe Bernadette is that she is true tactician,
thought provoker, and cheerleader all rolled into one. Her optimism, inspiration and terrific support have enabled me to develop some key competencies and insights to become a far more resilient and influential leader of my organisation. I have no hesitation of r
ecommending her. ”


James P   |  General Manager

Executive Coaching

The one constant thing in life is change. These services help you to evolve into who you really want to be. They enable you to navigate through major career changes and other important life changes. They place you in the driver’s seat with the right tools, resources and support to make sure you get to the other side smoothly, effectively and successfully. 

“ Bernadette was there for me through an important job transition. Her quick thinking, incredible intuition and refreshing perspectives were really helpful. She always sees the best in you and inspires you to develop a plan for success, that is built upon your own values and strengths. I’m very grateful to have worked with her during an important period of my life and highly recommend her to anyone wanting to take their career to a new level. ”


Michelle J | General Counsel

Career Transition Coaching

Specialised personal coaching that builds your inner core capabilities and empowers you to succeed as both a lawyer and a leader. These services will inspire and ignite your leadership, performance and influence and bring out the very best lawyer in you. They will give you a competitive edge and the right tools to lift your performance, executive brand, job satisfaction and overall remuneration package.

“ Bernadette has inspired me to believe in myself and to become more than I thought I was capable of. Her great experience, knowledge and insights helped me to land the most optimal role for my legal career. She has helped me to build trusting relationships with my team members and develop a higher profile across my company. I feel quite fortunate to have worked with her and I strongly recommend her services. ”

Ahmed H | Senior Legal Counsel

Executive Coaching For Lawyers

Bernadette is a recognised key note speaker at key leadership conferences and events. She is passionate about inspiring executives to realise their unlimited potential and enabling them to achieve excellence and success throughout their personal and professional lives.  

She also offers powerful and results oriented team workshops, seminars and events that seek to inspire and positively influence individual, team and organisational success.


“ Bernadette has a great way of moving you out of your comfort zone and lifting your capabilities to new levels. Her positive attitude is contagious and her follow-through is remarkable.

I would certainly work with her again! ”

Sarah H | Senior Risk Manager


These services inspire teams to excel and deliver outstanding performances through successful engagement and collaboration. Teams are coached to work cohesively as one unit, with a highly positive, supportive, and empathetic mindset that not only serves the best interests of their organisation but more importantly themselves and each other.

" Bernadette knows how to tap into your “inner core” and equip your team with great tools that will enhance not only their collective performance but their contribution to their organisation. Her uplifting and buoyant personality is infectious. What more can I say! Thank you Bernadette for your wonderful support and guidance.​ "

Catherine C | Head of Wholesale


The corporate world is currently operating in unsettled and uncharted waters. Your current technical knowledge and skills may help to keep you afloat but they are unlikely to elevate your career swiftly to the level that you aspire. 

The Leadership Excellence And Performance (LEAP) Program has been developed to ignite your leadership, performance & influence and bring out the very best executive in you. The Program has been designed to enhance your executive presence, effectiveness and enable you to deliver high quality services to your clients and leadership excellence to your organisation.  



" Bernadette has enabled me to create a new vision for myself and my department which has lifted our collective performance to a new level. I am very thankful for her services and attribute a lot of my achievements over recent years to her guidance and great coaching skills. ”

Jeremy P | Head of Compliance

Leadership excellence and performance program
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