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Selecting the right executive coach is an important decision and not always an easy one. I am very fortunate that I chose Bernadette. Working alongside her over recent years has positively impacted both my professional and personal life. 

Bernadette’s unique combination of executive coaching and deep psychological insight has equipped me with invaluable and practical resources to enhance my leadership abilities, refine my leadership approach, effectively manage my time, and develop my personal brand. In essence, Bernadette’s support has helped me to become a more strategic, influential, and mindful executive and Businessman. This personal growth has notably improved my leadership performance, career, and relationships across all corners of my life including my transition into public service, as a Minister. 


If you're looking to outperform your current achievements and success as a leader, to gain a promotion or improve your business relationships, Bernadette is the coach for you. Her unmatched insights and coaching techniques are invaluable and her infectious passion and positive energy will propel you towards unlocking your true potential.


Thank you so much Bernadette. 


A Fakhro | Minister of Industry & Commerce

“ If you are looking for a coach with a difference then go no further

than Bernadette. Her strategic insights and experience will help you

to optimize your positive influence over others, build more rewarding relationships, and make you a more valued asset

to your organisation."

Joan M | Senior Event Coordinator

Thanks to Bernadette’s guidance and coaching,

I have achieved significant growth in the following ways:

(i) I have left a toxic and unfulfilling work environment.

(ii) I’ve gained a stronger sense of self-worth by learning to silence

my inner critic and embrace my capabilities.

(iii) I have identified what I want in my next role and what I need to do so

as to attract that type of role and people into my world. 


The top 3 benefits I gained were: 

1. Tailored Approach: She provided individualised support,

addressing my specific needs and learning style.

2. Actionable Strategies: She didn’t just offer advice,

she equipped me with practical tools and techniques.

3. Unwavering Support: She was  a constant source of encouragement

and accountability, believing in me even when I doubted myself.

I wholeheartedly recommend her coaching and mentoring programs. ” 


JP | Deputy Legal Counsel



When I approached Bernadette for executive coaching, I was facing over

a decade of being in a toxic corporate work environment which had diminished my sense of professional confidence and motivation.

Upon working with Bernadette, I immediately felt like I had someone who genuinely “had my back”, who was willing to listen and empathise in respect of my circumstances and then work with me to regain my self confidence

as a first step. Once we were able to achieve this, we began implementing strategies for me to firstly deal with my immediately environment and then

to excel forward into a new environment and elevated position.


The impact of working with Bernadette has undoubtedly been a game changer. The three most important benefits of Bernadette’s approach

are her unbelievable dedication, empathy and strategic approach to coaching. I have dealt with executive coaches previously, but many have taken

‘cookie cutter’ approaches which do not appreciate the unique challenges

of working in high performing corporate environments.

Moreover, most lacked empathy. We do demand a lot from executive

coaches these days but I do believe that unless a coach really cares

about their clients in the way Bernadette does, their impact is minimal.

I would highly recommend her coaching and business mentoring

to a board range of clients.

Jane P





“ Bernadette has a great way of moving you

out of your comfort zone and lifting

your capabilities to new levels.

Her positive attitude is contagious

and her follow-through

is remarkable.

I would certainly work with her again! ”

Sarah H | Senior Risk Manager

“ Bernadette’s business coaching and mentoring in relation to my legal practice has been invaluable. Such a great experience. I learned a number of  key techniques in a short space of time that have helped me to focus on client fulfilment and improved ways of growing the scale of my legal practice. 

Her insights and coaching techniques have been so helpful. The amount of  financial and personal value I have gained from the investment of my time with her, has been priceless. Thank you Bernadette "

MK | Partner Employment Relations

“ A great way to describe Bernadette is that she is true tactician, thought provoker, and cheerleader all rolled into one. Her optimism, inspiration and terrific support have enabled me to develop some key competencies and insights

to become a far more resilient and influential leader

of my organisation. I have no hesitation of recommending her. ” 


James P | General Manager

“ Through Bernadette’s help we transformed our management team into a more open, trusting and caring one. She gave us the self-awareness to understand how our people viewed us and to address some key blind spots within the team. Her coaching skills have transformed the value of our relationships with each other and our people. ”

J Peters | Head of Strategy

White Structure

“ Bernadette was there for me through an important job transition. Her quick thinking, incredible intuition and refreshing perspectives were really helpful. 

She always sees the best in you and inspires you

to develop a plan for success,

that is built upon your own values and strengths.

I’m very grateful to have worked with her

during an important period of my life

and highly recommend her to

anyone wanting to take their

career to a new level. ” 


Michelle J | General Counsel



“ Bernadette has inspired me to believe in myself and to become more than I thought I was capable of.

Her great experience, knowledge and insights

helped me to land the most optimal role

for my legal career.

She has helped me to build trusting relationships

with my team members and

develop a higher profile across my company.

I feel quite fortunate to have worked with her and I strongly recommend her services. ”

Ahmed M | Senior Legal Counsel

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